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Garfield CLC Student
Academies Photo
Academies Photo

College & Career Academies of Akron (CCAA) provides educational experiences designed to strengthen the connection between learning in the classroom with what students may pursue after graduation, making learning more meaningful and giving students the real-world skills they need to be successful in an ever-changing global economy.  

Throughout the PreK-12 journey, every student will have the opportunity to explore the world both inside and outside the classroom while learning about themselves and a future they can envision.  These equitable opportunities give all students the tools they need to reach their highest potential: 

Since the launch of CCAA in 2017, Akron Public Schools has seen: 
  • Increased high school graduation rates 
  • Increased academic achievement
  • Development of real-world skills as outlined in the Portrait of a Graduate
  • Increased number of students graduating with industry certifications and college credits