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College & Career Academies in high school strengthens the connection between learning in the classroom with what students may pursue after graduation.  Learning becomes more meaningful and gives students the technical and soft skills they need to be college and career ready.  

Career academies for high school students begin in Freshman Academy in 9th grade and then choose one of 54 pathways for grades 10 - 12.  This gives students increased access to earning college credits and industry credentials, work experience, networking opportunities, and a postsecondary plan for whatever path they choose after high school.

High school academies are centered around three foundations:  

Small Learning Communities 

  • Small-learning communities are composed of students, educators and business partners based on shared interests.  Together, they focus their work on building a collaborative environment that engages every student. 

Learning Through a Career Lens 

  • Real-world problems are brought to life in the classroom, which encourages critical thinking and creativity.  This focuses their learning on a career path that is interesting to them, meets academic standards and goals, and builds technical and soft skills that can be applied in college or any career. 

Business and Community Engagement 

  • Local businesses and post-secondary institutions serve as advisers for teachers and mentors for students.  These partnerships create a current and relevant curriculum and gives students access to job fairs, college and industry visits, career shadowing, internships and so much more.