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Freshman Academy


Freshman Academy provides 9th grade students with unique and engaging high school experiences.  Every student will:

  • Participate in a small learning community with a core group of teachers and peers
  • Learn essential skills to adjust to high school expectations and routines in a supportive environment
  • Engage in team-based activities to develop personal skills and explore their talents
  • Discover their interests before selecting an academy and pathway for their 10th - 12th grade years. 
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Freshman Seminar
All freshmen will take the Freshman Seminar course, a one-year course that teaches essential skills including taking initiative and responsibility, effective teamwork and communication, critical thinking and problem solving.

Along with career exploration and development, this course will help students make an informed decision about selecting an academy for their sophomore through senior years. It’s the beginning of a student’s personal journey to shape their future.

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Graduation Promise
Each student will make a personal pledge to him or herself and their classmates and families to work hard to complete high school in four years.

Career Expo
The career expo will allow students to meet local business professionals, experience hands-on demonstrations, learn about future career options and attend sessions to help map out a college or career path.

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College Visit
Freshman Academy students will visit at least one college, tour the campus, talk with a panel of college students, experience campus cuisine and see what life is like on a college campus.

Academy Celebration
After selecting an academy and pathway for grades 10 – 12, freshmen will participate in the academy celebration at the end of the school year. They will meet fellow academy members, academy teachers and celebrate the opportunities that await them throughout high school.