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Middle school is an important time period in a student’s life. Not only does middle school prepare students for a successful transition to high school, but it also helps students form healthy social and emotional habits that can be useful throughout life.

Middle School Academies at Akron Public Schools provide students with engaging and creative learning opportunities at each grade level called Guaranteed Experiences. Students will be challenged to think in and out of the classroom, research and solve community-based problems, explore careers, and engage in activities that foster personal growth.

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6th Grade Seminar
6th grade students will work to develop strong academic and social skills necessary to be successful in school while exploring career clusters to begin to envision themselves in the future.

Nonprofit Discovery Day 
6th grade students visit nonprofits to learn about their missions, discover how services are accessed by the community, and understand careers in the nonprofit industry.  

Discovery Challenge
Scholars propose solutions to a problem identified by a nonprofit.

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Academy Prep 101
7th grade students will continue to explore their community and careers while developing the academic and social skills needed for school and
in life.

Explorers in Action
An immersive experience in which scholars engage by volunteering with a nonprofit in order to help scholars understand the importance of the nonprofit’s mission and giving back to the community.  

Engagement Challenge
Scholars research and take action to solve a problem identified by a nonprofit.  

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Academy Prep 201
8th grade students will analyze their interests, aptitudes and skills and explore the academies and pathways offered at the APS high schools.

8th Grade Showcase
8th grade students will attend the district-wide showcase, visit pathway booths of their choice and learn tips on how to prepare for high school.

Changemaker Challenge
An inquiry-based learning experience where students use their 6th and 7th grade discovery and engagement to research, brainstorm, and propose solutions for a real-world problem and demonstrate they can be change agents in their communities.  This is a scholar-driven project.